WATCH: Two people nearly struck by alleged impaired driver

The video is shocking.

York Regional Police have released the dash cam video of a crash that happened in the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday, near Bayview and the 407.

Officers say it was around 2:30pm, when a black Dodge Durango, went straight through the intersection from the 407 off-ramp to Bayview. It jumped the curb and moved towards the glass enclosure, with two people inside.

Those people crouched in the corner, since the vehicle was blocking the exit. Once the glass smashed, they were able to escape and take off.

Police have charged the driver of the SUV with being impared by drug, and the 49-year-old Welland man will appear in court next month.

Officers in York Region have laid more than 1600 impaired driving charges this year, and are frustrated that people continue to do it.

"We don't know what it's going to take to change this." admits Constable Andy Pattenden.

Police are still looking for the two people who were in the shelter.