WATCH: What makes a dangerous driving charge? All of this

Halton Police are still looking for the driver of a car, seen carrying a person who is hanging off the trunk of the vehicle.

The video of the incident was turned over to police from a concerned citizen, who recorded it on a dash-cam on Monday, on Upper Middle Road in Oakville.

There were no injuries, but when police tweeted out the video, it came with the caption, "on occasion, you’ve asked us what would warrant a dangerous driving charge. Pretty sure this would make the grade.”

Halton Poilce constable Ryan Anderson tells NEWSTALK 1010, "our concern is obviously a huge danger for the person on the back of the vehicle but it's also dangerous for everyone on the road. If that person falls off and someone else on the road swerves to get out of the way, they could lose control and cause a major collision."

The problem is, because of the sun and the person on the back, police can't read the license plate, and aren't even sure why kind of car it is.

If you know, call Halton Police.