What are "Quiet Streets" and can I drive there?

Road closed sign

The city of Toronto is giving pedestrians, cyclists, and joggers more room to safely stretch out for at least the next three weeks.

The city’s plan unveiled Thursday targets both major thoroughfares and smaller, local roads in different ways.

From Saturday at 6 a.m. through Monday at 11 p.m., the following stretches or road will be out of bounds to drivers:

-Eastbound lanes of Lake Shore Blvd W between Windermere Ave and Stadium Rd

-Bayview Ave between Mill St and Rosedale Valley Rd

-River St between Gerrard St E and Bayview Ave

Mayor John Tory says these corridors were targeted because they’re adjacent to recreational trails or attractions that have been crowded this spring, or are expected to be as the weather improves.

The shutdowns of parts of Lake Shore W, Bayview, River will be in effect next weekend too, adding Lake Shore E between Coxwell Ave and Woodbine Ave. On the last weekend of May, the shutdown of Lake Shore W won’t be possible because of the closure of the Gardiner 

Expressway for spring maintenance, but Tory says city staff are working on a plan to block off Queen’s Quay.

The city has also designated 57 km of 20 smaller roads “quiet streets”, limiting driving to local access only around the clock. Traffic cones are being used to partially block the roadway and signs are erected to encourage drivers to share the space with pedestrians and cyclists.

Below is the list of quiet streets as of May 14:

Confirmed Locations (as of May 14):

• Kensington Market (area that borders Nassau Ave., Spadina Ave, Augusta Ave. and Dundas St. W.)
• Shaughnessy Blvd. between Van Horne Ave. and Havenbrook Blvd.
• Havenbrook Blvd. between Shaughnessy and Manorpark Ct.
• Lakeshore Dr./Lake Promenade (First Ave. to Forty Second St.)
• High Park Blvd. (Bloor St. W. to Annette St.)
• Brock/Emerson/Cowan Ave. (Dupont St. to King St. W.)
• Winona Dr. (Eglinton Ave. to Davenport Rd.)
• The Esplanade (boundaries TBC)
• Crawford St./Montrose Ave. (Bloor St. W. to Queen St. W.)
• Howard and Earl Streets (Sherbourne St. to Parliament St.)
• Sackville/Sumach Streets (Shuter St. to Gerrard St. E.)
• Monarch Park Ave. (Felstead Ave. to Sammon Ave.)
• Fulton/Sammon Avenues (Broadview Ave. to Monarch Park Ave.)
• Woodfield Rd. (Knox Ave. to Walpole Ave.)
• Lee Ave. (Kingston Rd. to Alfresco Lawn)
• Secord Ave./Eastdale Ave./Lumsden Ave./Main St./Hamstead Ave./West Lake Ave. (Dawes Rd. to Oak Park Ave.)
• Military Trail/Highcastle Rd. (Sealstone Terrace to Bonspiel Dr.)
• Kew Beach Ave. (Waverly Rd to Lake Shore Blvd. E.)
• Westview Blvd. (St Clair Ave. E. to Holland Ave.)
• Dundalk Dr. (Ellesmere Rd. to Antrim Cr.)
• Trudelle St./Cedar Brae Blvd. (Danforth Rd. to Bellamy Rd.)​