What's all this about a polar vortex?

A man is bundled up against the cold in this file photo. (The Associated Press)

If you've seen the headlines recently, you might be worried that bitter cold and biting wind is headed our way.

But fear not! Environment Canada says the GTA doesn't have to worry about a polar vortex anytime soon.

It's been an unusually warm start to winter and things are about to get colder, but not quite polar vortex cold.

"When we talk about 'polar vortex,' it kind of conjures up talk of bitterly cold, minus 25, wind chill warnings." says Environment Canada meteorologist, Peter Kimbell.

Instead, he says we'll see temperatures closer to normal by early next week. That means highs around minus 2 and lows close to minus 10.

Kimbell says we may be a little below normal by the end of the week, but certainly not in the minus 25 range.

Beyond that, he says it's tough to predict when or if we will find ourselves in a deep freeze.