What the TDSB's back to school plan means for secondary students


If you missed the full run down of the TDSB's report on kids going back to school, you can find it right here.

In this story we'll break down what's planned for secondary students. At this point it looks like no matter what, there will be some form of online learning for high school students.

All models are based on a quadmester structure. At the beginning of each quad, students must choose between two models:

Model 1 - Adapted in-school day model with cohorts and full attendance.

Model 2 - 100 per cent remote learning, at the beginning of each quad.

Most students are expected to complete two courses per quad, and there's about 44 days in each quad.

Model 1 — Adapted in-school day:

  • One in-school teacher responsible for each course, classes divided to reach 15:1 ratio.
  • 15 students physically distant from each other
  • All courses will be taught using a combination of in person and remote learning
  • Remote learning will be done in synchronous and asynchronous ways 

Proposed schedules for this model:

Model 2 — Fully remote learning

  • Teachers must ensure all courses are available
  • A teacher pool will co-design the curriculum
  • Students will focus on two courses per day