Why aren't we testing more?

Ontario Premier Doug Ford takes questions during the province's daily COVID-19 press conference from Queen's Park in Toronto on Friday, May 8, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Steve Russell - POOL

Premier Doug Ford says he was ``shocked'' to see recent COVID-19 testing numbers, which show that Ontario has completed fewer than 10,000 tests in each of the past three days.

Ford, who has railed against low testing numbers in the past, says there is a plan to ramp it up.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says criteria for members of the public has been expanded so that anyone with symptoms can get tested, and the province is now looking to focus on retirement homes and other group living settings.

A testing blitz of every long-term care resident and staff member was completed over the weekend and the numbers of daily completed tests dropped sharply.

Today the province reported that the number of tests completed in the previous day was just 7,382,  at a time when Ontario is trying to work toward 20,000 tests a day.

At the same time as fewer tests are being conducted, the growth rate in new reported COVID-19 cases isn't going down, and Ford is warning that if there is a surge he won't hesitate to re-enact restrictions.