Winnipeg council appoints new Chief Administrative Officer

Michael Jack.

Winnipeg city council has voted in a new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

Michael Jack was appointed after a 14-2 vote by council on Thursday.

He has previously held roles as the Director of Legal Services and City Solicitor, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Corporate Services Officer and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer.

Mayor Brian Bowman said council is excited to have Jack take over the position.

"I believe Michael brings a breadth of knowledge and passion for Winnipeg to hit the ground running immediately," said Bowman.

The mayor also thanked interim CAO Mike Ruta who has been filling in while council worked to find a new permanent CAO.

Now with Jack taking the position, Bowman said Ruta will transition into retirement.

"I want to express my gratitude for his 20 years of exemplary public service, leadership, and for fairness, kindness and humility, in which he has conducted himself."

Jack said he is excited to take on this new position but noted there is plenty of work to be done.

"I am going to bring some fresh ideas. I think I am likely best positioned to try and figure out new ways of doing things. Things that will better improve our processes but improve the kind of service we provide to our residences," said Jack.

The process for finding a new CAO started in 2019 when a recruitment committee was formed. Bowman explained why the process took so long to find a new CAO.

"There were two primary reasons. First we delayed during the multi-year balanced budget process and then, of course, during the pandemic," said Bowman.

Bowman said Jack will officially take over the role of CAO starting on Friday, July 23.