Winter activities on the Don River?

don river

It's not likely, but the City of Toronto has been looking into using the Don River for winter activities. 

Toronto Mayor John Tory was asked by NEWSTALK1010 if there had been any discussions about turning it into perhaps an ice skating area, since the regional conservation authority is able to control the levels.

"We've had a discussion with them, they pointed out in that discussion just as an opener, that the Don River water is very warm and doesn't freeze the same way the canal does in Ottawa," Tory said. "The water's warmer and the temperatures are warmer here in Toronto. We're looking into it, whether that comes to pass or not I can't say."

Tory added that he's having a meeting on Tuesday about different outdoor activities that could be done in the winter in Toronto.

With so much advice during the pandemic about spending time outdoors, Tory says it's important for not only residents, but tourists, to have outside options.

"We can get more things going on with tourists here in the winter, why not? Why wouldn't people want to come here and get a good deal and have lots of good winter activities. So, I'm on it."