World Sikh Organization says Trudeau scandal should open the door to dialogue about racism

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Now that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has apologized again, is it enough for ethnic groups?

Balpreet Singh is from the World Sikh Organization and he says, it's good enough, for now.

"I just hope that we can have a conversation about racism in Canada, and the story doesn't end with Trudeau's photos and his apology."

Singh says he's happy to hear Trudeau has acknowledged the fact that he comes from a place of priveledge, and that this was a blind spot, but he says this needs to be the door that opens to address the problem of racism in Canada.

He points to Quebec, where Bill 21 passed, and he says that has largely targetted people of colour.

"I don't think we, as a country, have come up with a strategy to combat it." says Singh.

As for Justin Trudeau's apology, he acknowledges the fact that the Liberal leader has changed as a person, since these photos were taken.