York Regional Police seeing a trend of "crime tourists"

An example of some of the stolen goods in York Region

For the second time in less than a month, York Regional Police have arrested a group what appears to be "crime tourists."

This time they arrested five people, four of them from Columbia, in a series of break-and-enters in York Region, as well as other parts of the GTA.

It was back on October 17th, when they announced they'd arrested three men from Chile, involved in similar cases.

Constable Andy Pattenden with York Regional Police says it appears to be a growing trend.

"It appears we have people coming in from other countries, and spending their time here commiting residential break-and-enters." says Pattenden.

Just like the first group, this one was allegedly grabbing things like watches, handbags and jewellry.

"A lot of these items have more sentimental items, rather than actual value," but Pattenden couldn't say if the suspects were selling the goods before leaving the country, or taking it with them.

The five people are facing a total of 45 criminal charges and the Canadian Border Service Agency has taken over the investigation of any possible outstanding immigration issues.

You can see photos of all of the recovered items, by clicking HERE.