"You gotta throw the book at these people"

AM800-News-OPP-Speeder-May 9-2020

When it comes to getting caught doing 200km/h over the speedlimit, you're not going to find any sympathy in Premier Doug Ford.

"You gotta throw the book at these people, because they are putting everybody's life in jeopardy," says Ford.

The comments come after a driver was caught in his Mercedes on the weekend, doing 308km/h on the QEW.

Ford says he's in favour of extending the mandatory licence suspension from seven, to 30 days.

"I do," he told reporters. "Especially in that young gentleman, should even be longer than 30 days of suspension someone going 200 kilometres over the speed limit. That’s staggering. Absolutely staggering."

But, the problem during this pandemic, isn't just one or two drivers.

Provincial Police say they've seized 150 vehicles in the GTA, since May 1st. That's about double the amount of normal tickets handed out for stunt driving.

Drivers are taking advantage of empty roads to lean a little heavier on the "go-fast pedal".

So what can be done to stop it?

"We're out there patrolling the roads, every single day," says OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt. "But, we can't be everywhere all the time, and we need the public to be part of the solution as well."

That means being a tattletale, and calling police when you see someone trying to be the next Lewis Hamilton.

"You can call star OPP on your cellphone and report that to police, and we'll follow up as best we can." says Schmidt.