Zero tickets handed out on packed Toronto beaches

A Toronto Beach packed on June 20

With many people in Toronto trying to beat the heat on the weekend, it would seem they all had the same idea.

Thousands of people packed Toronto beaches on the weekend, with photos showing very little physical distancing.

Premier Doug Ford said he was shocked to see some of the images from the weekend.

"Folks, I get it. You want to get out, (it's a) hot day, there is a beach. We got to maybe come up with better protocols. I'll talk to the mayor about it... we need to get bylaw officers out there."

But the thing is, there was bylaw officers there.

The city of Toronto says in a release that officers visited Woodbine Beach.

"Over the weekend MLS (this does not included Toronto Police Service) issued over 500 verbal warnings for use of park amenities (BBQs), open liquor, and large gatherings at Woodbine Beach. There were no tickets issued."

The city then reminds people that if they are out in public, they must maintain a 2-metre distance from someone they don't share their household with.

Ford though is worried that people are getting lax.

"Everyone has to practice social distancing. This fight is not over. We are winning the fight but it is not over by any means,” he said.

“It could turn and bite us in the backside in about a heartbeat."