Dave Trafford

Dave Trafford

Hosted by Dave Trafford.

  • February 23 - Feeling The Bern in Nevada

    Dave is joined by Dr. David Schultz (Political Science Professor, Hamline University) about Senator Bernie Sanders' win in the Nevada caucuses, and what's next for the current Democratic nominee front-runner.

  • February 23 - Rail Blockades in Belleville Cont'd

    Dave speaks with Newstalk 1010 reporter Hayley Cooper again, still on-site at the rail blockades near Belleville, about the on-going situation and escalating tensions between those for, and against, the demonstration.

  • February 23 - The Pressure to Speed Up Autism Funding Plans

    Dave speaks with Nancy Marchese (Executive Director & founder, Breakthrough Autism) about growing protests and demands of the Ford government to accelerate autism funding planning. 

  • February 23 - Economic Impact of COVID-19

    Dave is joined by Ed Silverman (Senior Writer & Pharmalot columnist at STAT News) to discuss coronavirus' affect on the economy, from propane to pharmaceuticals.

  • February 23 - Speeding Up Transit Projects

    Dave is joined by Darcie Garand (Vice Chair, Lake Shore East Community Advisory Committee to Metrolinx) about a new bill introduced by the Ford government to speed up transit construction in the GTA.

  • February 22 - National Food Rescue

    Despite rampant food waste for decades, Food Secure Canada estimates that almost 2.5 million Canadians still live without secure access to food. Dave chats with Lori Nikkel (President & CEO of Second Harvest Food Rescue) about tackling this issue, and expanding Second Harvest's operations.

  • February 22 - Breakthrough in Stroke Treatment

    A new trial has shown for the first time that a drug may be able to slow the devastating damage that strokes can cause to the brain in some patients. Dave learns more about this breakthrough from Newstalk 1010 medical analyst Dr. Mitch Shulman.

  • February 22 - Rail Blockades in Belleville

    Dave speaks with Newstalk 1010 reporter Hayley Cooper, on-site at the rail blockades near Belleville, about the on-going situation and escalating tensions between those for, and against, the demonstration.

  • February 22 - 'For Life'

    Dave speaks with actor Nicholas Pinnock about starring in the new CTV legal drama For Life, and the true story that inspired it.

  • February 22 - David Newland's Northwest Passage in Story and Song

    Dave chats with musician David Newland about The Northwest Passage in Story and Song, a musical and spoken-word performance of original songs inspired by the sights and sounds of the Canadian Arctic, its history and its contemporary realities.

    The Northwest Passage in Story and Song happens tonight at 8pm at St. Paul's United Church (200 McIntosh Street).

  • February 16 - 'Blunt' Force Trauma On The Brain

    A new US study suggests that any cannabis use could make you more susceptible to creating false memories. Dave learns more from medical expert Dr. Mitch Shulman.

  • February 16 - Golden Rescue

    Golden Rescue is one of Canada's largest single breed rescue groups, and has been finding homes for abandoned, unwanted or displaced Golden Retrievers since 1990. Dave learns more about them from Viive Tam, director & chairperson of Golden Rescue.

  • February 15 - W5's ‘The Darkest Hours’

    Dave is joined by Lloyd Robertson for a sneak preview at CTV W5's The Darkest Hours, which revisits the FLQ crisis almost 50 years later.

    W5's The Darkest Hours airs tonight at 7 pm on CTV.

  • February 15 - Waiting On A Contractor

    Dave chats with Frank Cohn (Home renovator, contractor, host of The Home Improvement Show on Saturdays at 9am) about the booming contractor business, and why people sometimes have to wait so long for work to begin on their properties.

  • February 15 - The Effect of Coronavirus on Chinese New Year Attendance

    Dave speaks with Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti about upcoming events for Chinese New Year, and how coinciding coronavirus scares have been affecting attendance.

  • February 9 - Democratic Primary Chaos

    Dave chats with Dr. David Schultz (Political Science Professor at Hamline University) about the mess of a Democratic caucus in Iowa, and looking ahead to the New Hampshire primary.

  • February 9 - What If Coronavirus Can't Be Contained?

    Extensive work is being done to get coronavirus under control and stop the spread. What if we can't contain it, and have to live with it? Dave gains some insight into what that would mean from Sharon Begley (Senior Science Writer at STAT, life sciences publication of The Boston Globe).

  • February 8 - Car-Free in San Fran

    Believe it or not, Toronto isn't the only city incorporating car-free areas. San Francisco's has implemented the idea for Market Street, a major artery of the city and gathering place for residents and visitors. Dave learns more about it with Laura Bliss (CityLab’s West Coast Bureau Chief).

  • February 8 - The Growth of the Legal Cannabis Market

    Dave chats with marketing expert Tony Chapman about the legal cannabis market, and exactly how much it has expanded one and a half years after nation-wide legalization.

  • February 2 - Are Super Bowl Ads Still Worth It?

    Buying air time for an ad during the Super Bowl now costs $5.6 million per 30-second commercial. Is it even still worth it? Dave learns more from marketing expert Tony Chapman.

  • February 2 - Preparing for a Growing City

    In the next 10 years, the population of the Toronto area will hit 8 million. Are we ready? Dave finds out from Toby Lennox (President and CEO at Toronto Global).

  • February 2 - Coronavirus and the Pharmacy Industry

    The first death from coronavirus outside of China has been reported in Philippines. What is pharmacy industry doing to deal with the outbreak? Dave learns more from Ed Silverman (Senior Writer and Pharmalot Columnist, STAT News).

  • February 2 - Gas Tax on Borrowed Time

    A report from back in November says the demand for fuel, diesel and gasoline will notably dip over next 20 years, to the point that we won't have the gas taxes we have now. What will substitute for them? Dave gains some insight from Andy Manahan (Executive Director, Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario).

  • February 1 - Navigating Ontario's Long-Term Care System

    As we all get older and worry about our own health, what about our parents' health? Dave chats with Karen Cumming (journalist, teacher, author, health promoter, one of "The Mars 100") about her latest book The Indispensable Survival Guide to Ontario's Long-Term Care System.

  • February 1 - The Trump Impeachment Trial Continues

    Dave is joined by Dr. David Schultz (Professor of Political Science at Hamline University) about the latest in the Trump impeachment trial, and the Senate voting a close "No" to new evidence and witnesses.

  • February 1 - Canada's Nuanced Views on Abortion

    A new poll suggests that the majority of Canadians are 'satisfied' with the country's abortion policies, yet overall views on abortion are more nuanced than ever. Dave chats with John Wright (DART Insights and Communications) to learn more.

  • January 26 - Scarborough Music Theatre

    The Scarborough Music Theatre is in its 58th year of operation. Dave chats with Scarborough Music Theatre President Dot Routledge more about their organization, community theatre in general, and even the effect an outbreak like Coronavirus can have on theatre attendance by the public.

  • January 26 - 2020 Grammy Awards

    The 62nd annual Grammy Awards are happening tonight, but the awards themselves may get the least amount of attention. Dave learns why from Eric Alper (publicist & music commentator).

  • January 26 - Bell Let's Talk Day

    In the lead-up to Bell Let's Talk Day on Wednesday, January 29th, Dave talks about mental health care with Mark Henick (speaker & mental health advocate).

  • January 26 - Fire & Hail in Australia

    Dave is joined by Anwar Knight (CTV News Weather & News Anchor) to discuss Australia's dire situation, from wildfires to hailstorms.