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Lianne has been talking food and what it can do for you for almost 20 years. Nutrition is her passion because, well, we eat all day long and food can have the biggest impact on our health. She’s followed every diet, ditched just about everything at one time or another and has lived to tell the tale. Lianne’s love of breaking down complex and overwhelming news headlines, studies, recommendations and how-to makes choosing what to eat easier for you. Eating can be complicated and even confusing, and it doesn’t need to be. If you want success, to feel better and make confident choices, you need Lianne by your side. She is a registered nutritionist and bestselling author.

  • Eat This With Lianne: Kitchen Sink of Q's with Dr Brockenshire

    If you're a regular listener to Eat This with Lianne, you know the now infamous Dr. Davis Brockenshire...or as we affectionately call him DR.B! If you are new to Eat This, you need to get to know him!

    The answer is simple, but we believe it better that you listen, learn, and laugh along with us as we delve deep into the brain that astounds and amazes us on a regular basis.

    On this episode of Eat This with Lianne we welcome Dr B to the show to answer questions we have received from YOU, the listener, about immunity, mold, and so much more!

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    If you’re interested in exploring more of Dr. B’s insights, check out the following episodes:

  • Eat This With Lianne: Parasites 101 (EP 161)

    You may not want to listen to this episode while eating... you have been warned. 

    Parasites can live in your sinuses, eyes, ears, gall bladder... even your brain! They love warm, dark places, can be visible or invisible, and have a life span of up to 50 years. So, IF you pick one up, it could have been from your childhood, and they just now are rearing their ugly head(s). Now, what does that mean?

    On this episode of Eat This with Lianne, it's Parasite 101...what are they? How do you know if you're a host, how can we prevent them, and how do we treat them?

    Show notes

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  • Eat This With Lianne: The 'Kitchen Sink' of Questions (EP 160)

    Welcome to the "Kitchen Sink" of QUESTIONS episode...a plethora of your questions from weeks past about everything from chocolate to DNA testing to reading food labels and more.

    So, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we gather some of your questions and concerns and throw every little tidbit of knowledge we can back at you (including the KITCHEN SINK)

    Show notes found on


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  • Eat This With Lianne: The Good Side of Salt (EP 159)

    Salt gets a bad rap. Seriously... we have all grown up knowing that SALT is bad for us... right? WRONG. SALT has been demonized over the years when our bodies need the minerals from SALT. Whether it's fighting cramps or maybe a bad case of indigestion, and even high blood pressure tied to low salt levels in your body? It might, so it's worth a deeper dive to find the truth. 

    So, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we have invited the co-founder of the world-renowned Celtic Salt to help us understand the good side of salt

    Show notes, links and more found on 

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  • Eat This With Lianne: What can your face tell you about your health? (EP158)

    When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Really look at your face...your features, your eyebrows, your eyes, your skin tone, the lines on your face...and even the location of your ears! As we age, these quirks that show up tell quite the story, both physiologically and psychologically. Our faces draw a roadmap to how healthy we are and also can show our experiences in life, including injury, transgenerational issues and trauma. 

    To prove it, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we have invited an expert in facial diagnoses! Dr. Todd Frisch, DC is an absolute genius and a true "Bucket Head,"... which will mean more once you hear this episode.

    For all the information about Dr. Todd and what he does, go to

    Want to see what Chris's face shape was? I've added a photo there for you to see on

    Supplements mentioned: 

    Hypo Zymase for digestion and lack of stomach acid available on 

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  • Eat This With Lianne: Histamine, Allergy and Mast Cells - help from our Hero Dr. B! (Ep 157)

    I'm sure you've had an ANTI-histamine tablet....correct...?? Did you know it's not really fixing the issue, just blocking your body's ability to deal with the hormone called "Histamine? Interesting huh?

    Have you heard of Mass Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)? Probably not. Bring in our resident genius, Functional Medicine expert, doctor extraordinaire, and good friend of the show Dr. Davis Brockenshire DC, to share about histamine imbalance, MCAS, and what you can do to lessen the load of the long list of symptoms that aren't usually recognized as liked. 

    On this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we delve into the unbalanced issues of histamine in your body at a time when many of us deal with those watery eyes, stuffed and runny noses, itchy skin, itchy eyes...and so on! Believe it or not, histamine may be the key to so many more issues you and your body deal with all year round. So, take a moment, listen in...and we can all learn something together!

    Show notes on

    Supplements mentioned in this episode can be found on

    Physica Energetics 

    Magnesium Bis-Glycinate with Taurine capsules

    NAC Forte capsules for detoxification of histamine

    Baicalin (Chinese) Skullcap for allergies 

    Hypo Zymase digestive enzyme to help digestion

    Holo-Plexus capsules - binder 

    Take This by Lianne line 

    Sunshine D3+K2 Liposome Spray 

  • Eat This With Lianne: Mighty Macros and MORE (EP 156)

    Lets take a step back to take a look at the most BASIC nutrients...also called MACRO-Nutrients. It's kinda the fuel we use to make it through the day. What is it? How much do we really need? where do they come from? Every mouthful we consume has some level of macro-nutrients...fats, proteins, and it makes, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we delve deeper into these questions and spit out real answers, real information, and real ideas for us all to move forward and make our bodies, and brain healthier!

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  • Eat This With Lianne: Meditation MUSE (EP 155)

    What is your relationship with meditation? Lianne has dabbled in it for sure, and it truly changed her life. As a recovering "over-thinker", it helped her to stop, and see clearer, where her life was. where she was personally, and where she was going.

    Meditation has many benefits. It has been found to relieve anxiety, boost immunity, improve cognitive function...and so much more. On this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we have invited on a the Co-Founder and CEO of MUSE, as we dive deep into the world of meditation in the hopes of finding more options to improve your overall brain health.

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  • Eat This With Lianne: An Eye On Glucose (EP 154)

    If you don't already know that sugar and processed foods aren't good for you? Welcome to the show ;)

    We're surrounded by it, bombarded by it ... so it's difficult to maintain a true focus on eating right. What if you could be held accountable for what you put in your mouth minutes after you consume it? For the past few weeks, Lianne and (Producer) Chris have had GLUCOSE monitors hacked into their very own arms, all the while taking notes as to how their everyday diets are affecting their health, and their bodies. 

    Now, to help us all make sense of the findings, we've invited back a fan favourite the brilliant Dr "B," to break it all down for us, the how and why we should stay away from sugars and processed foods!

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    For more about Dr. Davis Brockenshire, Functional Medicine Expert, and all the show notes, head to 

    All supplements mentioned are from Lianne's Take This by Lianne supplement line and are found on 

  • Eat This With Lianne: Benefits to Hot and Cold (Ep 153)

    Ever take a SAUNA...or a cold blast in the shower?! Believe it or not, this teeter-totter of temperature is called contrast therapy and can actually prolong your life! The benefits of a few sessions each week in the heat and a few minutes a week in the cold may just be the secret to better mental and physical health.

    So, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we'll chat with Ryan Markham, the owner of Markham Works, a man whose specialty lies in the hot and cold of the business world through his local establishment...of saunas and cold plunge pools

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    Enter the Markham Works giveaway at by March 17, 2023 and see all the show details and links at