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Sivan Tumarkin

Disability & Injury lawyer Sivan Tumarkin takes calls and explains how to fight back against insurance companies when your long-term disability claim is wrongfully denied or cut off, and how to get the compensation you’re owed to if you’ve been seriously injured because of someone’s negligence.


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Denied or cut off long-term disability (LTD)? Injured in an accident? Take the fight to the insurance company with leading disability and injury lawyer Sivan Tumarkin, co-founding partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP.


Long ago Sivan worked for insurance companies. Now he defends individuals who have been wrongfully denied or cut off LTD, and those who have suffered serious and life-altering injuries because of others’ negligence. Sivan and his team are in your corner. He and his team resolve disability cases all the time, many of them quickly and with little stress. Insurance companies make you feel powerless, hoping that you will give up and walk away from money they owe you. Don’t make that mistake! Don’t leave your money in their pockets!


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Take advantage of Sivan’s years of experience and knowledge in disability, injury and insurance law. He and his highly-knowledgeable team have successfully represented countless disabled and injured individuals. Sivan’s expertise and unique understanding of the insurance industry’s tactics has been widely recognized over the years in numerous media circles. He is frequently asked to comment and provide opinions on various media outlets throughout the country.


Find out more about your disability and injury rights with a Free Consultation at or call 1-855-821-5900. Get what you’re owed!