Ted Woloshyn

Ted Woloshyn

Host Ted Woloshyn sits down with interesting people from around the world and discusses the social issues of the day.

  • August 1 - Richmond Station

    Chef Carl Heinrich is on a mission to eliminate tipping at restaurants and implement a service fee, which will will help millions of Canadians in the hospitality industry through good times and bad times. It is a push for policy reform in one of the hardest hit industries during Covid- the hospitality industry. He joins Ted to discuss.
  • August 1 - Karl Wolf

    Karl Wolf, renowned singer-songwriter and producer, joined Ted to talk about his attempts at keeping his music live during the pandemic. 
  • August 1 - DoorDash Delivers the Goods

    Brent Seals, General Manager, Strategy & Operations at DoorDash joins Ted to talk about how the delivery service app is adapting to business during the pandemic. 
  • August 1 - The Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder

    Tom Davis from the Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder joins Ted to talk about how the renowned BBQ restaurant is doing throught the pandemic. 
  • July 25 - The Iconic Old Mill

    Old Mill's CEO Irene Hryniuk and Marketing and Brand Manager Danielle Pagura join Ted to talk about how the historic Toronto west-end restaurant and event space is tackling the pandemic era. 
  • July 25 - Intuitive Eating for better health

    Host of "Eat This with Lianne" Lianne Phillipson joins Ted to talk about the concept of intuitive eating. 
  • July 25 - Vivoli

    Sam Medoff, owner of Vivoli restaurant joins Ted
  • July 18 - DaiLo

    GUEST: Chef Nick Liu of DaiLo (503 College Street)