The Late Showgram with Jim Richards

Jim Richards

Tired of all the professional talk show opinions about the news of the world?  Looking for a different take?  Well than you've found the right place.  Listen as host, writer, and political commentator Jim Richards takes Canadians through the news and social issues of the day.

  • Rude People

    David Cooper is in for vacationing Jim Richards. For today's phone topic we ask what things people do that you find rude? What do you do that others find rude?
  • David Cooper, David Cooper, David Cooper

    David Cooper is in for a vacationing Jim Richards. What do an Engineer, a symphony horn player, and a 2nd cousin have in common? They are all named David Cooper. Our own David Cooper scoured the ends of the earth looking for other David Coopers. Hear their stories.
  • Film Maker Dr. Hassan Zee; Winging It

    David Cooper is filling in for Jim Richards. The Showgram welcomes Film maker Dr. Hassan Zee Later it's the emergency book of questions.
  • Olympic 4th Medal; LifeHacks; Chicken Broth

    David Cooper is in for a vacationing Jim Richards. We start the show with an update on the Olympics.  If there was a forth medal, what would it be made of? We take your calls. What are your lifehacks. David tells us some of his and we take calls from listeners
  • Introducing: Jim Richards

    David does an in depth interview with Jim Richards. If there were things you wanted to know about the iconic host, this is where you will find it.
  • The Pathologist Couple

    Megan Minter and Ben Buelow are both pathologists. They are also married. They join the Showgram with guest host David Cooper to talk about their career, marriage and everything you wanted to know about working with corpses. And later, a little bit of Producer Tony Trivia. Does David know the answers to these questions?
  • Marty Cunnie and Chuck Tingle

    David Cooper fills in for a vacationing Jim Richards. Marty Cunnie  started doing comedy because when he yelled at people in traffic, they couldn't hear him. He joins David Cooper and the Showgram.   Chuck Tingle is a pseudonymous author, primarily of gay niche erotic short stories. The stories mainly take the form of monster erotica, featuring romantic and sexual encounters with dinosaurs, imaginary creatures, anthropomorphized inanimate objects, and even abstract concepts
  • Celebrity Encounters of the Third Kind

    David Cooper is in for a vacationing Jim Richards. We take your calls on meeting celebrities.
  • Oops I Dated Again!

    Jim Is away on vacation, the talented and funny David Cooper fills in. A one hour special edition of "Oops I dated again" with Natasha Vinik
  • Producer Games; Saskatchewan Farmer on Finnish Reality TV Dating Show

    David Cooper is in for a vacationing Jim Richards. Producer Tony tests whether David is smarter than a 5th grader, and then a game of This or that. Matthew Almusa is a Saskatchewan farmer and was invited to participate on a Finnish Reality TV show. He has since returned to his life in Regina, and still looking for love. He joins the Showgram to talk about his experience with a reality TV show and his continued search for love.