Tough Skin

TOUGH SKIN products are developed by Dan “The Tough Skin Man” Sheridan.

With over 30 years in the waterproofing and commercial roofing industry, Dan only makes products that he would use. No water based inferior waterproofing products are produced by him.

Rubber products are all he trusts in.

With products like our TOUGH SKIN SUPER CLEAR, SUPER COOL, SUPER COAT and MAX MUSCLE Mess Remover cleaner being used across North America, Dan’s creations have an excellent following by waterproofing and roofing professionals, building owners and managers as well as home owners.

We manufacture environmentally friendly, no-VOC’s, non- flammable and extremely long lasting products.

Dan has dedicated his life to improving on waterproofing and cleaning products to create a product lineup that have no rivals. Constant adjusting and tweaking of our products have resulted in developing industry leading products. Dan never stops improving and creating new products, so keep an eye on this website and our social media pages for new products being released to market.

Try our TOUGH SKIN PRODUCTS, you will love the results that four generations of experience and intensive R & D have provided.