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  • Rude People

    David Cooper is in for vacationing Jim Richards. For today's phone topic we ask what things people do that you find rude? What do you do that others find rude?
  • David Cooper, David Cooper, David Cooper

    David Cooper is in for a vacationing Jim Richards. What do an Engineer, a symphony horn player, and a 2nd cousin have in common? They are all named David Cooper. Our own David Cooper scoured the ends of the earth looking for other David Coopers. Hear their stories.
  • Fully vaccinated Canadians excluded from U.K. quarantine exception

    Guest host Zain Velji discusses how Canada got left out of the U.K.'s new quarantine exemptions.  On today's show:   We discuss why sponsors are being criticized by U.S. lawmakers over the Beijing Olympics.  Chris Aylward, national president of Public Service Alliance of Canada, discusses the possible border workers strike.  Listeners' thoughts on the new PBO report on the federal deficit.  Michael Castner, morning national news anchor for NBC news radio, shares the latest updates on the Capitol insurrection hearing. 
  • Will we need COVID-19 booster shots?

    Zain Velji guest hosts the show and discusses Quebec's plan to offer COVID-19 booster shots to travellers whose vaccinations status is not accepted in other countries.  On today's show:  Infectious diseases doctor Zain Chagla weighs-in on Quebec's booster shot plan. Robert Hornung, president and CEO of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association, discusses the dramatic drop in renewable energy costs.   Drew Harwell, Washington Post technology reporter covering artificial intelligence and algorithms, discusses his work on The Pegasus Project. 

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