Save Eye Care seeks OHIP Coverage for Eye care, Dr. Josephine Pepe June 25


A crisis has been brewing for more than three decades in Ontario...and it might surprise a lot of people. Access to eye care for a large percentage of the population could be at risk unless something changes. Optometry is drastically underfunded in Ontario...and it's finally reaching a breaking point. The Ontario Association of Optometrists has tried on many occasions to improve the way eye care is funded, but funding rates have hardly changed in over 30 years. And come September 1st, if the province doesn't make strides to fix the system, optometrists across Ontario are prepared to take a big stand -- by withdrawing all OHIP services. The VP of the Ontario Association  of Optometrists, London Optometrist Dr. Josephine Pepe joins Ken and Loreena to talk about this...

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