'It’s crazy': Sweet Revenge Bake Shop suffers eighth break-in

The outside of Sweet Revenge Bake Shop at 400 Erie St. E. on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022. The shop was broken into early Wednesday morning around 3:30 and burglarized. (Rich Garton / CTV Windsor)

When Diana Elias locked up Sweet Revenge Bake Shop on Tuesday night, she had no clue she’d be back in the middle of the night to deal with yet another smashed-in door and robbery at her store.

“Oh it was stressful,” says Diana Elias, the bake shop owner. “We’re in the middle of planning weddings, getting our Valentine’s menu posted, and I was all feeling good the night of and got the call at 3:30 in the morning.”

Police were called to the business at 400 Erie St. E. when the alarm was triggered.

Elias says the alleged thief was able to get away with about $500 cash after smashing through the front window with what seemed to be a rock.

Only cash was taken, she says, thankful none of the prepared cakes or baking accessories were touched, and that no one was injured.

“They only had a few minutes thankfully, the cops showed up quick and called us, so we were on the scene fast. But they still got in and got all our money,” she says.

It’s the eighth time the bake shop has been the victim of crime; seven times at its Wyandotte Street East location in Riverside and the first time at the new spot on the edge of Via Italia.

“It’s crazy. Eight times, it keeps happening,” says Elias. “We had to get all the bars installed and that’s something we’re probably going to have to do here too.”

“You know, it’s going to affect the appearance, of the building, but we’ve got to be safe and stay conscious.”

Elias says it’s a busy time of year with Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away but the door has since been fixed and it’s business as usual.

“Hopefully we’ll get more orders in and just start prepping for that… and kind of put this in the past and keep moving forward,” she says.

“Don’t want to dwell on it and be too sad, you know, we’ve got to keep going.”