$35K Seized in Drugs and Cash in Leamington


Multiple people are facing several drug charges after a bust on September 9.

As part of an ongoing investigation, OPP officers entered a home on Erie Street south in Leamington and believe a suspect is believed to be selling illicit drugs, despite two previous warrants at the same home.

A traffic stop the same day also led to the arrest of three people for drug related offences .

As a result of searching the home and the vehicle involved in the traffic stop, police seized more than $35,000 in illicit drugs, including Fentanyl, Purple Fentanyl, Crystal Meth and Canadian cash.

Police laid multiple charges against two 57-year-old men from Leamington, two 49-year-old men from Windsor, a 32-year-old from Windsor and a 49-year-old from Wheatley.

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