50 games max

Ron Robison

The Commissioner of the WHL met with the media today. 

Ron Robison discussed the start date of the regular season and the number of games that will be played.

"We have a start date of January 8th and a concluding date of May 2nd. That will allow us to play a maximum of 50 games during that period of time. The number of games will de determined as we work our way through the next number of weeks, but we can play a maximum of 50 games."     

Robison isn't sure how the playoff format will look.

Will fans be allowed in the stands?

"We know we are going to be dealing with limited capacity, far lower than what we are accustomed too and that will cause some challenges. I don't believe we are at risk of losing any franchises but it will be a difficult situation for our teams to work there way through".    

Ideally, the plan is to send the league champion to June's Memorial Cup in the Ontario Hockey League.    

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