A Final Look at the 100-Year-Old General Amherst High School


After a long wait, the festivities are due to begin at the soon-to-close General Amherst High School.

Last November, the General Amherst High School (GAHS) 100 Year Celebration Committee announced they will be hosting a final tour of the Amherstburg school located at 130 Sandwich St S. 

Laird Avenue North from North Street to Fort Malden Drive will be blocked off to allow for food trucks to be stationed at the event, and plenty of festivities are planned. The school is set to close this year as a new school opens in its place.

Greg Scott is the head of physical education and athletics at General Amherst and an organizer of the event. He says the kids involved in planning are looking forward to the event.

“The kids are super excited, they’ve put in a lot of hard work trying to get this event ready. I think they’re happy the day is finally upon us,” said Scott. “We’re expecting good crowds, and hopefully we’ll be able to pull off an amazing event for the town.”

Among the attractions will be a bit of history.

“So, we have the entire school open on Saturday for people to tour and get one last look at things,” Scott began. “The kids have organized decade rooms so people can explore them, and see some of the memorabilia from the past.”

Scott says the event means a lot to the people who planned it.

“Everybody on the planning committee is either a former student or someone who’s been very involved in our school for years, so they’re involved with planning and executing the event. And, the kids involved in the leadership class have been working hard for the last couple of months,” he said.

The free event will run from 12 PM to 7 PM Saturday, May 14. 

Live, local music will be available all afternoon featuring alumni musicians from the high school, along with the school band. GAHS’ signature ‘Caf Cookies’, which have been sold in the school’s cafeteria for over three decades, will be for sale at the event as well.


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