A year at the helm for Mallette


It's been a long year for everyone dealing with COVID-19.

No one knows that more than Kelowna Rockets head coach Kris Mallette.

It was a year ago - today- February 19, 2020 that GM Bruce Hamilton fired Adam Foote and promoted assistant coach Kris Mallette.   

Mallette priding himself on being a players coach.  

"It doesn't have to be all about hockey. We are dealing with young men who are hockey players but they go through a lot of different things. I am a hockey coach, I am a father and a mentor. There is a lot of different hats that you have to wear", Mallette said at the time.  

Mallette was the head coach for just 9 games, with his team posting 5 wins - two losses - a shoot loss and an overtime loss before the season as scrapped due to COVID-19.     

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