Apartment fire on Mornington Ave. under investigation

Crews respond to an apartment fire at 560 Mornington Ave. in London, Ont. Friday, Nov. 20, 2020. (Jim Knight / CTV News)

Residents of an apartment building fled their smoke-filled hallway Friday afternoon.

At 2 p.m., emergency crews received multiple calls to 911 from the seventh floor of 560 Mornington Ave. in northeast London.

Residents, many carrying their pets, had already evacuated the top floor of the building when firefighters arrived.

The seventh floor was searched and the fire quickly extinguished inside one of the units.

No one was injured.

Fire inspectors continue to investigate the source of the fire.

"It’s early in the investigation. Our inspectors will sift through what they find in the unit. I can tell you the fire has not gone through the one unit itself,” explained Platoon Chief Gary Mosburger.

Active incident: crews on scene of an apartment fire on Mornington Ave. Primary and secondary searches complete - all clear. More to follow on this. #ldnont pic.twitter.com/QhcOOceckw

— London Fire Department (@LdnOntFire) November 20, 2020

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