BREAKING: Possible School Closures on Wednesday


The Greater Essex County District School Board is warning parents to be prepared for a possible one day strike by members of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation.

The board says if a new collective agreement isn't reached by 9pm on Tuesday, December 3rd, all public schools will be closed as education workers will walk off the job for one day on Wednesday, December 4th.

It means all public schools including elementary, secondary and continuing education will be closed to students on that day.

The union has until midnight, December 3rd to reach a deal.

School Board Spokesperson Scott Scantlebury says although OSSTF is taking part in job action, it does represent some elementary educational assistants, so grade schools would be impacted.

"Safety would be an issue on Wednesday, so elementary schools as well as the secondary schools will be closed," says Scantlebury.

He says parents should try to make arrangements just in case. 

"It is probably best at this point, a couple of days in advance for parents to make preparation for that eventuality that schools may be closed on Wednesday."

The one-day strike would affect 36,000 students in Windsor-Essex.

OSSTF represents 1,576 high school teachers, secondary occasional teachers and elementary school workers in Windsor-Essex. 

OSSTF represents more than 1,500 (1,576 to be exact) teachers, secondary occasional teachers and elementary school workers in Windsor-Essex.

All Early On centres operating in GECDSB will be closed and daycare centres in GECDSB schools may be open - people should check with their provider to determine their status on that day.