Chantal Kreviazuk Reacts To Being Sanctioned By Russia


Canadian singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk said Friday she will "not be deterred" after learning she was sanctioned by Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

"They're obviously trying to politicize what is clearly a human rights issue," Kreviazuk told

In a statement, Russia's Foreign Ministry said 62 Canadian citizens "are being subjected to a ban on entry into the Russian Federation," including some Russia accuses of “malicious activity in the fight agains the ‘Russian world’ and our traditional values.”

Kreviazuk said she was not surprised to have made the list because others with Unite with Ukraine, the organization she has partnered with, have been sanctioned. "I knew it was probably coming," said the outspoken critic of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, who has helped raised funds for Ukrainian relief.

In a video message she shared in March, Kreviazuk said: “Putin’s bombardment of innocent civilians is an act of genocide and terrorism. We must unite with Ukraine in this fight for freedom.”

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The 48-year-old Winnipeg native has Ukrainian ancestry via her great grandparents Nicolas Kreviazuk and Annie Uskiw, who settled in Canada in the early 1900s.

Kreviazuk noted that the war in Ukraine rages on. "The images we initially saw and were horrified by have all but faded to black," she told on Friday. "But that reality continues for a sovereign Ukraine, caught in an unprovoked war.

"I will not be deterred."

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