City Activates all Resources to Help Detroit St. Apartment Building Residents: Dilkens


The mayor of Windsor says it's a top priority for the city to assist those who were living in a now condemned apartment building in the west end.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Drew Dilkens says the city has activated all resources to help the residents from 245 Detroit Street.

"Many of these people will be homeless but for intervention from the city, which means they move to the top of the housing list," says Dilkens.  "So the city has activated all resources available to help these folks."

The city issued a Prohibition of Occupancy Order last Thursday due to the building's lack of working fire alarms, heating and ventilation systems and running water to the entire building.

The order went into effect Wednesday at 12:01am — meaning all residents had to vacate the property.

He says a number of residents are using the city's resources.

"I know there are many who have taken advantage of the resources we've offered and there are some who are quite determined to live on the front lawn at that location," he says.

Dilkens says the building is in 'extremely subpar condition.'

"We are doing everything we can on our side and want these people to land as quickly as possible in a home and not have to live outside," says Dilkens.  

As you've been hearing on AM800 news, some residents have moved their possessions outside and set up tents on the building's front lawn.

Dilkens says the owner of the building is considering getting an injunction that would force the residents to leave the property. 

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