City Committee Approves Brownfield Grant Application


Windsor's Development Standing Committee has approved a grant application to help pay for a new $34-million condo development on University Ave. W.

The committee approved incentives worth more than $3-million under the city's Brownfield Rehabilitation Grant Program.

The grant will assist with clean up costs along with breaks on taxes, permits and infrastructure upgrades.

According to Ward 3 city councillor Rino Bortolin, work has already begun at the site.

There are two vacant buildings on the property along with a strip of industrial land that's been clear since 1987.

The existing structures will be re-purposed for commercial use, and a 148-unit condo building is proposed on the industrial land between Cameron and Elm Avenues.

AIPL Canada Holdings Inc. is behind the project.

Brownfield sites are properties that may have been contaminated by industrial use, that must be cleared before they can be redeveloped.

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