City council approves $100,000 for first full sized Cricket Pitch

Vacant land between Forest Glade Drive and the EC Row Expressway, along Lauzon Parkway to become first full size cricket pitch in Windsor. (photo by Kurlis Mati)

Windsor City Council has approved $100,000 for the first full sized cricket pitch.

The pitch will be located in Derwent Park spanning approximately 11 acres of recreational green space between Forest Glade Drive and the EC Row Expressway, along Lauzon Parkway. 

Dave Patel, the president of Windsor-Essex Cricket League says they have been going back and forth with the city to get this project going.  

"We have been constrained with two cricket fields in the city and we have so many teams playing. We don't have a full sized cricket ground that can be more exciting for other teams that are coming from other cities, this could be a landmark for cricket." 

Patel says with the number of teams playing the pitch was needed for the city. 

"So we have 15 teams, each team has a roster of 25 players. St. Clair College and the University of Windsor have their own teams. When they come to the league, they'll know we have grounds to play cricket, it's like a family, on the weekend that's how we all get together." 

The city expects to complete the full design by the end of the summer.

It will be presented to council as a part of the 2023 proposed budget. 

Improvements to the multi use trail at Derwent Park are also scheduled. 


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