Windsor to Approve More Security Cameras


More security cameras are coming to the city of Windsor.

With a one-time federal gas tax top-up recently approved, the city is getting $4.3-million over the next several years for several projects.

Part of the funding, about $450,000, will be used to upgrade and add in more cameras for traffic purposes and to deter crime.

City council will deal with the issue on Monday.

"The program is meant to put cameras throughout the city but initially we are going to focus on the downtown area and we are still working through the process of where these will be specifically," says Mayor Drew Dilkens.

Dilkens says the benefits of the cameras are two-fold.

"Probably near intersections so that there is a benefit to both traffic department but also to the police department so that they can monitor activity when calls come in to the call centre."

Chair of the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association Brian Yeomans says every little bit helps.

"You have got the POP (Problem Oriented Policing)  program, the bike patrol, the foot patrol, the cameras. I think they have got to work hand-in-hand and you have got to start somewhere and this is definitely a good start."

Mayor Dilkens expects some of the upgrades will take place this year. 

 Other projects getting funding will be tree maintenance, recycling silos, University Ave. construction and infrastructure improvements on the Sixth Concession Rd and North Talbot Rd.