Community Steps Up For Best Ever Cans for a Cause


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is sending out a huge "thank you" to the community for a record-setting Cans for a Cause.

AM800, along with sister stations 93.9 The River and 89X, held a day-long broadcast at Devonshire Mall to collect donations of canned food and non-perishable items, along with cash to help those in need.

The grand total came in at $12,561.32 and 28,167 cans.

Bernie Amlin from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul says he's overwhelmed by the generosity of people.

"You see so many people coming in. They don't even want to be recognized for their donation. They just want to give it, no pat on the back or anything, they just want to do what is and help people in need."

Amlin got emotional when talking about the annual event.

"We don't look for applause. We just want to do our job quietly, but at the same time, if you don't tell people what you need, how are you going to get it? So this is hard for the society of volunteers because we're not used to doing this."


AM800's 16th annual Cans for a Cause (Photo courtesy of AM800 CKLW via Facebook)

He says he's so inspired by the people who come to the organization looking for help every day.

"The stories are so touching and you hear the strength of these people. They don't give up. They keep fighting and it's encouraging to us. Sometimes we get some things that cross our path that are hard to handle, but then you say, if they can do it, we can too."

This was the 16th year for AM800's Cans for a Cause event.