Compensation raise to take place next term for Leamington council members


The mayor, deputy mayor, and councillors will see a pay raise later this year in Leamington. 

On Tuesday evening's Special Council Meeting, councillors discussed the report regarding Council and Committees Compensation Review. 

Council voted in favour of a compensation raise, which will see a pay increase for all members of council for next terms council.

Hilda MacDonald, the Mayor of Leamington, expressed that the raise is to support members of council who put in many hour of work and also to encourage individuals to run for the Municipal Election.

Surrounding municipalities receive a higher compensation rate than Leamington council. 

Leamington council members are below the 50th percentile when it comes to pay for councillors, deputy mayors and mayors.

She says that with the amount of work that council members take on, it's important to compensate them for what they are worth.

"The public doesn't always understand the amount of work that's involved, there's so much reading and background work as well as being basically on call with the public, so you have to make it attractive that people will want to represent the constituent at the municipal level."

MacDonald adds that with the amount of extra hours put into municipal government jobs, having a decent wage is crucial. 

"There has to be something positive about it, so if there's decent compensation then time away from your family, an time away from spare time, from recreational time, it has to be compensated for." 

She says some of the topics and items that council members vote on and discuss can be difficult.

"Our councillors, we have a lot of difficult decisions, there hasn't been a term in my 16 years that have not had some controversy. It has to be attractive because to take on controversial decisions you're not going to do that for minimum wage because it weighs heavy on us."

MacDonald adds that the compensation raise will take effect for the next term of council. 

The Municipal Election takes place on October 24. 

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