Essex councillor supports Kingsville request for E.L.K. Energy review


An Essex councillor is welcoming a request from Kingsville council, calling on the town to demand a service review for E.L.K. Energy. 

Sherry Bondy believes Kingsville council made a smart move and feels councillors are being strategic and supporting their residents that have numerous power flickers and failures. 

As heard on AM800 news Thursday morning, Kingsville councillor Kim DeJong made a motion earlier this week calling for the review.

According to her motion, the energy supplier has been unresponsive to customer concerns while taking no action to fix frequent outages experienced in the municipality for the last number years.

Bondy says Kingsville council made the right move.

"You know E.L.K. Energy has appeared once in the last year at Kingsville, once at Lakeshore and there is still so many unanswered questions," Bondy said. 

She feels Kingsville council is doing a great job representing E.L.K users and ratepayers 

"We need to make sure that this utility is strong and that the asset management is a utility that's going to be here in the future and providing us safe and more importantly at this point reliable energy source."

Bondy says she continues to hear from E.L.K. ratepayers and they're concerned.

"We do know that E.L.K Energy gets its supply for Hydro One and sometimes there are issues at Hydro One but I think everybody that is an E.L.K. ratepayer wants to know that E.L.K. is doing everything possible as well," she said.   

Earlier this year, Bondy's pay was docked 30 days after Essex council supported a recommendation from the Town's Integrity Commissioner.

Robert Swayze ruled Bondy's posts on social media directed at E.L.K. Energy Inc. staff violated the town's code of conduct and stated a cartoon depicting a person with a lightbulb for a head being led to the gallows as a threat against staff at the company. 

Essex is the majority shareholder with E.L.K.

Kingsville is asking Essex to request a service review through a unanimous shareholders declaration.

If Kingsville's motion fails, it plans to file a formal complaint with the Ontario Energy Board.

E.L.K. supplies electricity to Kingsville, Essex and Lakeshore.

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