Fan Kicked Out After Incident With LeBron

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A fan sitting courtside at the Lakers-Hawks game in Atlanta had to be removed by security Monday night.  

The fan live streamed herself being removed after claiming James stared down her husband.  She says she responded to the stare down by threatening the four-time NBA champion.

Actually, two women missed the end of Monday night's Lakers-Atlanta Hawks game after screaming at LeBron James.

One of the women, already being dubbed "Courtside Karen," took to social media and blamed the four-time champ for starting it.

Both women were seen standing up, taking their masks off, and walking toward LeBron, who stayed on the court grinning.

The referees asked security to kick them out, and after some resistance, the women obliged.

After the game, LeBron said he's "happy fans are back in the stadium," as Atlanta's State Farm Arena is allowing limited-capacity attendance.  
But, he also said he likes the banter and doesn't think they should have been ejected.  The Lakers had the last laugh, winning 107-99.  


with files from Associated Press

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