Fans React To Fred Durst's New Look


Fred Durst has left Limp Bizkit fans confused after debuting a new look on Instagram this week.

The 50-year-old shared a photo on Wednesday showing him with a grey wig and a horseshoe moustache. He captioned it: “Thinking about you 70.” On Thursday, he posted a pic he described as “dad vibes.”

In both photos, Durst sports a salmon-coloured dress shirt.

On Twitter, comedian Sean O’Connor opined that Durst looks like he’s got into flipping houses on HGTV.” Andy Richter thought the rocker looked like Julian Assange.

In the comments on his posts, Durst was compared to the likes of Hulk Hogan, James Hetfield, Richard Gere, Jon Bon Jovi and David Spade.

“This guy needs a station wagon ASAP,” wrote one person. Another wrote: “Hey man…my heater pump on my pool broke any advice?”

Durst has offered no explanation for the character, which he debuted Thursday night on stage at Chicago venue Metro. Limp Bizkit is also scheduled to perform Saturday night at Lollapalooza.

Check out some of the reactions:

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