Fratmen May Join St Clair College


The Windsor AKO Fratmen football team could soon belong to St. Clair College's Student Athletic Association (SAA).

The SAA has expressed an interest in acquiring the football franchise and in working with St. Clair College.

The two organizations will study the details for the next two months to see if the transition is possible.

The team would play in the Canadian Junior Football League and use the soon-to-be completed Sports Park Stadium at the main campus as its home field.

SAA President Kshitij Punj praised the acquisition as one that would make St. Clair College a destination for student athletes, while expanding the school's athletic footprint.

Since 2014, the College has been providing AKO players with a varsity athletic scholarship if they are enrolled at the College.

Ron Seguin, the vice president of International Relations, Campus Development and Student Services, says the acquisition would allow St. Clair to recruit prospective College students interested in playing football.

"The Fratmen franchise is historic in this community," says Seguin. "We believe this could be an opportunity for our students to keep the franchise going and expand its resources moving forward."

Jim Pankovich, the Commissioner of the Canadian Junior Football League, gave the league's blessing to a potential franchise transfer.

"The Canadian Junior Football League is aware of the transfer and looks forward to working with St. Clair College-SAA to continue delivering this valuable and historic asset to the Windsor community," says Seguin.

The Fratmen franchise has been owned by Mike Morencie, a former player, head coach and defensive coordinator, since 2014.

- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi


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