Gas Prices drop in southwestern Ontario


Gas prices are dropping in Windsor-Essex and southwestern Ontario as a whole, bringing the cost of fuel down to a nearly four-month low. 

Prices decreased by 6 cents a litre on Friday and are expected to drop another 8 cents on Saturday. 

In the last week, gas prices dropped about 20 cents a litre since Thursday, July 28. 

Speaking on AM800's The Shift Chief Petroleum Analyst with En-Pro International, Roger McKnight says gas prices are dropping due to demand for fuel not being as high. 

"If demand is dropping and people don't want it then prices fall accordingly. I guess the real reason they are dropping is fear of a recession and people staying off the roads for a while." 

McKnight says residents should enjoy this while they can.  

"Believe me you better grab these prices while you can because I think we're going to see a spike in the fall and early winter. If diesel prices go up, which I think they will, they could spike enormously during the late fall and early winter then gasoline prices, instead of falling will go the other way."  

He says he expects gas prices to remain low in August.

Gas prices are decreasing significantly in the United States as well, as a gas station in Iowa posted a price below 3 dollars a gallon.

This makes it the first station in the States to go that low in many months.

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