Goodfellows return to Windsor streets for annual newspaper drive


November 2017

The Windsor Goodfellows will be out on city streets starting this morning for their annual newspaper drive.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, volunteers will be out selling Goodfellow newspapers to raise money in support of a number of programs run by the organization including its food box program for those in need.

Last year's newspaper drive was altered because volunteers were not out on the streets due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Around $250,000 was raised, much less than the over $380,000 collected in 2019.

Organizers are hoping to raise $350,000 this year.


Goodfellows sell newspapers on the streets of Windsor for their annual fundraiser (photo by AM800's Kimberley Johnson)

Bruce Tait, Chair of the Windsor Goodfellow Newspaper Drive, says they've found the need is very high this year and they're giving out more food boxes.

"We also started out giving out a lunch bag to homeless people, typically they ask for a street bag, but it has cereal, a small milk, pop, water, a couple of apples, fruit cups, bread and a bag of chips," he says.

Tait says the area has always been generous in supporting the Goodfellows.

We never closed during the pandemic, we've been open the whole time," he says. "We're hoping the public will come help and support us, and enable us to keep some of the programs going, possibly even enlarge some of the programs."

If people don't have cash on hand to donate to on-street volunteers, Tait says there are other ways to donate.

"We have cards we're giving out. If someone says 'I don't carry any cash,' we'll give them a card that has information on how to donate to Goodfellows. It also has a QR code on the back that people can scan with their smart phone and it takes them right to our donation site," he adds.

Between 500 and 600 volunteers will be taking part in this year's fundraiser in Windsor, Tecumseh and LaSalle.

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