Grim State of Affairs for Businesses: Local Chamber of Commerce President


The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce is reacting to the latest restrictions put in place by the provincial government.

President and CEO Rakesh Naidu says he's worried about the future of some businesses.

He says the chamber continues to push for a level playing field for all businesses.

Naidu says there is frustration amongst business owners after seeing big box stores operating and selling non-essential goods, while their operations sell the same products but cannot open.

He says some businesses have been struggling since the start of the pandemic.

"As we know many of them closed," says Naidu.  "Some of them have been just about staying afloat or barely staying afloat and then the second wave hit us, with the additional restrictions, it is pushing a lot more companies to the brink."  

He feels there will be more business causalities.

"We were very concerned about the sustainability of a lot of these operations from the first wave onwards," says Naidu.  "From that part onwards it has become extremely difficult and a grim state of affairs for a lot of businesses.  This is going to be a very drastic outcome that we may have to face as we come out of the second wave.  So once the dust settles, we will unfortunately find that we have a few more causalities that none of us what to see."       

Retailers that are considered non-essential can continue to operate during the latest round of restrictions however under certain guidelines.

Retailers can continue to provide curb side pick up but cannot open before 7am and have to be closed by 8pm.

There are also new guidelines in place for big box stores along with discounted retailers.

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