Harrow teen charged after vehicle clocked at 66 km/h over the speed limit

AM800-News-LaSalle Police-Stunt Driving-Jan 20, 2022

A Harrow teen has been hit with a stunt driving charge after LaSalle police stopped a vehicle travelling double the post speed limit.

On the evening of Jan. 19, police say an officer was conducting radar on Disputed Road clocked a vehicle at 126 km/h in a 60 km/h zone - 66 km/h above the posted speed limit.

The officer stopped the vehicle and issued the 17-year-old driver with a stunt driving charge.

As a result of the charge, their drivers’ licence was automatically suspended for 30 days and the vehicle was impounded for 14 days, for which they will be responsible for all associated towing and storage fees.

If convicted, the driver will face a fine of not less than $2000.00 and their licence could be suspended for not more than two years, if this is a first conviction, and not more than ten years on any subsequent conviction.

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