Health Canada Issues Recall on Hiram Walker Hand Sanitizer


Health Canada has taken another step in cracking down on the hand sanitizer produced by Hiram Walker and Sons in Windsor.

After serving the city with a cease and desist order for handing out the free sanitizer, the agency has issued a recall due to what it calls an "unacceptable ingredient" called ethyl acetate.

According to a release, the chemical may cause irritation or cracking of the skin if used frequently.

Health Canada is asking residents to stop using the product and to consult a health care professional with any concerns.

When the pandemic began last year and sanitizer was hard to come by, Hiram Walker and Sons retooled a bottling line to mass produce the product.

The city then distributed the sanitizer to residents, businesses and health care facilities free of charge.

Last week, mayor Drew Dilkens was quite vocal about the cease and desist order calling it a waste of government resources and "a dumb thing to have to deal with at this time."

The city has handed out more than 40,000 bottles and 500 pails of the free hand sanitizer, but has been ordered to dispose of the remaining supply.

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