Home base: Jagmeet Singh visits Windsor

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made a campaign stop in Windsor, Ont. on Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021. (Angelo Aversa / CTV Windsor)

The leader of the New Democrats made a stop in Windsor, Ont. Tuesday night.

“So he said no, you can’t go after them with unlimited zeal and what we say is, hell yeah we are,” says Jagmeet Singh.

Taxing the rich, and making them pay their fair share was just one of the issues Singh touched on during his second visit to the area ahead of the federal election.

Singh also discussed the housing crisis, climate change, and capping cell phone bills for Canadians.

Singh was greeted by approximately a hundred people at “Gateway Aviation Windsor.”

Accompanying Singh were local NDP candidates Brain Masse, Cheryl Hardcastle and Tracey Ramsey.

“Do you believe that we can fight the climate crisis and create good jobs? Do you believe that we should make sure that young people can own a home? Then lets get it done. We’re gonna vote New Democrats here!”

Election night is Monday, Sep. 20. 

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