Kingsville calling for service review of E.L.K. Energy as complaints pile up


Kingsville council is not happy with E.L.K. Energy.

According to a motion made by councillor Kim DeYong, the energy supplier has been unresponsive to customer concerns while taking no action to fix frequent outages experienced in the municipality for the last number years.

Council is calling on the Town of Essex to demand a service review as it's the majority shareholder with E.L.K.

DeJong says complaints are being ignored.

"Certainly, for my time, three years now on this council, we have politely asked for E.L.K. to come to the table. We've asked for responses. I hear regularly from residents and businesses that this is a problem and they're asking for our help."

Councillor Tony Gaffan says he knows of a couple of scary incidents caused by outages.

"What was really breaking my heart is I have a couple of customers that are on dialysis and some of them have a generator, some of them don't have the financials to do the generator and have had some scary, scary issues. So I think people need to listen."

Mayor Nelson Santos says residents deserve better.

"The brownouts and the flickers that we're experiencing, it just seems to be dismissing a lot of that and our residents, they're customers, we're customers, I think we deserve better. I think anyone that has clients that pay significant funds for this source of energy needs to be held accountable," Santos said.

Kingsville is asking Essex to request a service review through a unanimous shareholders declaration.

If Kingsville's motion falls flat, it plans to file a formal complaint with the Ontario Energy Board.

E.L.K. supplies electricity to Kingsville, Essex and Lakeshore.

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