LaSalle Fitness Downsizes


LaSalle Fitness on Malden Road is shutting down a section of its gym.

According to a Facebook post, the co-ed section on the upper floor has closed.

The post goes on to say, "although we have made our best efforts to continue operations of Lasalle Fitness, nonetheless, we are compelled to make certain changes to mitigate the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic."

General manager Daniel Hong says the women's only section on the lower level will remain open.

He says the plan is to reopen the women's only section soon.

"From us, we're trying to move some better machines down there and then re-schedule a little bit," he says. 

Hong says refunds are being offered.

"A lot of members paid for a whole year right so at this point we just have to refund what's remaining in their contract," says Hong.  

He says between 12 to 15 employees are impacted by the closure of the co-ed section.

LaSalle Fitness is located in the Malden Square Plaza.

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