Leamington to Hold Public Consultations on Short-Term Rentals


Residents and property owners will have a chance to weigh in on the future of short-term rentals in Leamington.

Council voted in favour of holding public consultation sessions in response to resident complaints.

Mayor Hilda MacDonald says council still has to hear all sides of the issue before it decides what to do next.

"How short term rentals effect neighbours and if they do? We've fielded a number of complaints, not a lot, but we have fielded a number so we need to do our homework," she says.

MacDonald says tourism is a big part of Leamington's economy, so the municipality will want to talk to people renting their property.

"We don't want to be working against that industry, but always keeping in mind that we have housing crisis at the moment and when large numbers of homes are bought up for this purpose it has an impact on our community as well," says MacDonald.

She tells AM800 News public input will help administration form new rules if they're needed.

"If we decide to do a registration process for short term rentals, that we make sure these places are safe for people to stay in," she added.

Windsor council voted in favour of drafting a new short-term rental by-law last month.

MacDonald doesn't expect consultations to begin in Leamington until the New Year.

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