LED Street Lights Coming to Essex


The Town of Essex is in the process of converting all its street lights to LED luminaries.

The municipality has received a grant from the province worth $610,527 to help with conversion costs.

Councillor Steve Bjorkman says for the last couple of years, if a street light went out, the town would make the change to LED.

"I think it's important from an environmental standpoint, from a financial standpoint," he says. "We talked about it, we started implementing it in pockets.  When we need to make replacements, we replace with LED but being able to get this kind of funding that more than matches what we're going to put into it, it's the right timing to do this."

While there will be a cost to the municipality, officials are still finalizing the number but Bjorkman is happy the province is assisting with the conversion.

"It's an one time funding from the provincial government that was announced and it was to go into infrastructure, things that you could do, that you wouldn't normally be able to get to," he says. "So it's just perfect for this application for us."

Bjorkman says some residents have been asking for the town to make the switch.

"I'm out in Colchester and I have heard from residents about this because we're very interested to see the current bulbs verses the LED, make any difference with the fish fly amounts that show up on our doors and on our streets, so that's something that's been apart of the conversation," he says.

It's expected the conversion will be completed sometime in 2020.

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