Liberal Candidate Incensed After Campaign Signs Stolen


Windsor West Liberal candidate Sandra Pupatello is angry after a number of her lawn signs were stolen.

She says it happened in south Windsor and the suspected thief was caught on camera doing it.

Pupatello says technology worked in this case.

"Everybody's home Google is catching the thief in the act" says Pupatello.  "There is video that actually shows this woman picking up only my signs, aparently she had a carload full of them by the time she was stoppedby this individual."

She says the camera was able to capture detail of the suspected thief.

"It's a white Honda brand, with a license plate" explains Pupatello.  "So it's only a matter of time, the police are being very helpful to find this individual.  Whatever they're going to do, it is an offence to steal signs, I think it's a big offence to steal signs in the middle of an election."

Pupatello says this is an offence against the people who have contributed to her campaign.

"I regret that when it's hard ot raise and take money from people for an election, that someone would steal signs" says Pupatello.  "I want those signs back, they're expensive, and I think the people who have donated  to my campaign understand that we're going to use the money well.  They don't want to see the money stolen like that."

Pupatello confirms Windsor police are investigating the incident.

Pupatello is running in Windsor West against NDP incumbent Brian Masse, Conservative Henry Lau, Quinn Hunt of the Green Party, Darryl Burrell of the People's Party of Canada and Margaret Villamizar of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada. 

Election day is Oct. 21.