Liberals Propose Support To Help Train Apprentices


The Liberal Party is using the backdrop of a Windsor tool and mold company to make a training pledge.

Thunder Bay area Liberal candidate, and former federal Labour Minister, Patty Hajdu made the announcement at Cavalier Tool on Wheelton Drive on Tuesday. 

The proposal is that companies would receive $10,000 support per apprentice over four years to train that person.

She tells AM800 News it helps smaller companies afford a program to train employees.

"it's expensive to take on apprentices," explains Hajdu. "First of all you have to have a Red Seal Apprentice to supervise that apprentice, often times there's additional costs in terms of the kinds of materials you're going to need to train them or product you're going to need to use."

She adds the funding would help companies train an apprentice who might not otherwise be able to.

"This is a way to incent employers who maybe haven't taken the leap like Cavalier has" says Hajdu.  "Who may be even smaller than Cavalier who are thinking 'can I really afford to do this' it might be able to offset the costs of having a Red Seal Employee in their shop who could do the supervision of those apprentices."

Cavalier Tool President Brian Bendig says this takes some of the gamble out of hiring an apprentice.

"It's a little bit easier" says Bendig.  "We've got a lot of challenges in business, not everything comes easy so when you get that little bit of extra help, that little bit of a push, it's fantastic we're going to take advantage of it, we're going to recruit."

Bendig says they've regularly had as many as a dozen apprentices in training at a time.

He says if that person receives the training, then moves away, the investment is lost.

The Liberals calculate the program would allow 12,500 more apprentices to finish their training.